Lake Ray Roberts Rotary Club changes venue and meals to keep the members involved...
After  a month of no meetings in April, the Lake Ray Roberts Rotary Club tried ZOOM.  Just like everyone else on the planet, we were craving some adult socializing... ZOOM is not the way to get it!  It didn't work well at all for us. During April and May we had to be creative and willing to make changes.  We were in the middle of trying to distribute Scholarships to Seniors, plan our opening day for the Flag Program and keep our group together. We met in small groups, we met outside, we finally had a happy hour get together with masks and social distancing in June!
We are now meeting every other Tuesday at LizzyGator's in Pilot Point, a gorgeous venue with lots of space to spread out.  We brown bag it so no great meals to look forward to but no restaurant to depend on. Our new president, Mark Kaiser, has been creative and clever and actually made a presentation with projector and screen last week.  This is hard.  Many of our members are retired or have a situation where they choose not to attend face to face or even social distancing.  We all wear masks out of respect and consideration for each other.  We keep trying. 
I know many organizations are meeting via ZOOM and other methods, continuing with speakers and presentations.  We will get there, we are just taking it a little slower, maybe because we do not have high speeds of internet, it's not easy to coordinate on ZOOM with sound delays and freezing screens. Probably because we are not excited about meeting through the computer!
When some new normal becomes apparent, I think we will all be ready to adjust.  For now, I'm just glad we keep trying.