Members of the Lake Ray Roberts Rotary Club gathered for a working luncheon this week at Pilot Point Coffee House to discuss the technology available on our website and the Helping with Flags website.

For those wanting to get in the weeds on the website

When you received your welcome packet, it should have included a login for your website. This can be accessed on the homepage in the upper right corner, where it says Member Login. The login format for username is typically: firstname.lastname.5319 (our Rotary club number). If you are unable to get into your account, reach out to Wendy Haun for a password reset and to confirm your username.
Items that would be helpful to the Marketing committee on our website
If you are responsible for booking a speaker, and you have done so, please feel free to add your speaker info! Just go to Events at the top navigation > Speakers, click Add New Speaker (the orange button), then input the date, Speaker Name and/or Group, Topic, and any additional information about the presentation that you have. This will automatically populate the speaker details into the Calendar, making it easy for us to see who is already lined up for the future!
If you are on a committee that has met, and you have minutes to share with the rest of the Club, you can add them as a "Story". Click Website at the top > Manage Stories. Click Create New Story (the orange button), give your story a title (Example: "Minutes from April 25 Flag Committee Meeting") and add. You can enable comments, then Save and Publish (or Save Changes as Draft if you would like someone else to go proof your story). You may be asked about adding it to the Bulletin, but you can ignore that, as I will handle the stories to appear in the Bulletin.
If you need to get in touch with a Rotarian about an upcoming project, navigate to the Membership tab at the top > Member Lists. This will enable you to view the Member details for our current membership, including contact email addresses. Having your email address updated in our system is very important, because that's how we keep in touch with everyone! If you need to check your email address to make sure it is up to date, contact Wendy Haun.

Flag Season is Upon Us

Also at Tuesday's meeting, we had a run through of the Helping With Flags website. The Website is, then Login is at the top right corner (on mobile, there are 3 lines > click that and then Login). Your login should be your contact email address, then the password will be RotaryXX (with XX being the Flag Team that you are a part of.)
Here is a step-by-step guide with instructions for generating your routes through Helping With Flags on the website.
Within the app, you can also click on the individual flags, mark when they are set / pulled, add notes (whether it is location of the Flag Sleeve, information about the home owner that is needed, the code to enter into a gated community, etc.)
Are you interested in helping with the Flag Program moving forward? We will have a Flag Committee meeting on April 25 at 11 am at the Pilot Point Coffee House (110 W Main St). This is a great way to get involved and see how you can help moving forward! For information on the meeting, contact Dick Bullwinkle.