Thank you to Assistant Fire Chief Bryan Cox for attending our Rotary Meeting on January 23 for the informative presentation titled "Stop the Bleed". This presentation was designed for civilians to assist those who have suffered a traumatic injury until paramedics are able to arrive.
(from left to right): Guest Everett Cummings, Rotarians Don Richmond, Whitney Delcourt, Elizabeth Jones, Assistant Chief Bryan Cox, Parademics Dustin Holt and Ryan Crow and Rotarians Penni Moening, Gina Webber, Lenette Cox and Jerry Alford.
See below for our Rotarians receiving hands-on training with Pilot Point Fire Department!
Chief Cox demonstrates proper tourniquet placement.
Chief Cox reviews how to stop a puncture wound from bleeding out using gauze as Rotarians Rowland Funk, Penni Moening and Gina Webber look on.
Guest Everett Cummings tries to apply the tourniquet to himself, while Rotarian Chad Major and Chief Cox look on.
Paramedic Ryan Crow assists Rotarian Penni Moening with the application of a tourniquet while Rotarians Rowland Funk and Dick Bullwinkle watch attentively.